Actos: The Diabetes Drug With A Nasty Secret

| January 21, 2013

Researchers found that long-term Actos use may increase bladder cancer risk by more than 80%

Previously, we told you about the killer diabetes drug Avandia that was banned from the UK and Europe, back in 2010. Unfortunately, if you are diabetic then you’re not out of the firing line yet… It turns out that Actos — Avandia’s main competitor — has a dirty little secret of its own.

Between 2001-2007, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the unscrupulous manufacturers of Avandia, hid clinical trial data about Avandia’s risks of heart attack and congestive heart failure and marketed their drug as a ‘safer’ option to Actos. This of course was anything but the truth, and once found out GSK had to pay a $3 billion fine for false advertising. Suffice to say, while all the attention was focused on the underhand tactics of GSK, Takeda Pharmaceuticals (the maker of Actos), were having a field day.

Not only did they see a rise in sales for Actos, but a little (but very important) Actos detail also managed to slip through the cracks: Trials linked Actos to an increased bladder cancer risk.

As always, the truth comes out sooner or later and once word got around, France were one of the first countries to suspend the drug’s use. And suddenly, Actos was looking as bad as Avandia.

Nobody should have been surprised. Avandia and Actos are in the same class of drugs. So Avandia fears are Actos fears as well. In fact, both drugs raise the risk of fractures, weight gain, fluid retention and heart failure.

That’s right. Heart failure!

In an American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) panel discussion last year, panellists were asked if Avandia was deadlier than Actos. Seven said yes. But 12 members said that Avandia was just as deadly as Actos.

In 2012, the British Medical Journal published a devastating new study. Researchers found that long-term Actos use may increase bladder cancer risk by more than 80%! And long-term is the way these drugs are designed to be used.

Avandia was banned in the UK and Europe in 2010. The same fate is probably on the cards for Actos… and hopefully a ban is imminent in the UK and EU… what’s good for one of the toxic twins should be equally as good for the other.

In the meantime, if you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, do everything you can to get it under control… but for heaven’s sake, don’t take Actos!

And while you are at it, share this post with your friends and family and ask them to sign our petition. If drug companies are forced to disclose all their clinical trial data BEFORE a drug hits the market, thousands of people will be saved hardship and the devastating effects some drug side effects can have.

Take action right here and now!


Stop Big Pharma… and help save thousands of lives.


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  1. FrankTheMan says:

    Is this stuff still on the market? If so, it’s enough reason for all to be outraged. Hope you petition works.