About The Campaign

Welcome to The Campaign For Safer Medicine,


Rachael Linkie – Editor, Agora Health

At Agora Health, we’ve been researching health and medicine for over 15 years and we now have more than 120,000 members worldwide who receive our regular health advisory service.

Every day we receive dozens of letters, emails and posts on our websites asking for help from people whose lives have been ruined by a drug or treatment that has damaged them.

And they’re all saying the same thing: If only I’d known sooner…

What first drove us to lift the lid on the sleazy practices of the pharmaceutical industry was a sense of anger and frustration that people aren’t being told the truth about the drugs we all take on a daily basis.

And as we dug deeper, we uncovered deceit, corruption and lies on a shockingly grand scale…

The Campaign For Safer Medicine is probably the most serious warning we’ve ever issued. If you look at all the facts and realise the underhand tactics of the mainstream and Big Pharma, then it’s obvious that Modern Medicine is broken…

It saddens me to say that you and I, the very people medicine is supposed to keep healthy and save from disease, are not only Big Pharma’s guinea pigs but our lives are also potentially put in danger because of their bodged practices and fast-tracked drugs.

I invite you to spend some time on our website and read the truth about medicine’s dirtiest secret. Learn how countless lives could’ve been saved if pharmaceutical manufacturers were regulated properly and held fully accountable for some of their sleazy practices, which include:

  • Illegal off label promotion of drugs (where a drug licensed for treating one illness is marketed as a treatment for another illness for which no licence has ever been granted)
  • Giving financial bribes to doctors and hospitals
  • Hiding information on the side effects of their drugs
  • Colluding to maintain a monopoly on a drug whose patent has expired
  • Tax fraud

The good news is that there is decisive action you can take to stop this from happening in the future. By joining The Campaign For Safer Medicine and by signing our petition, you… your friends… your family… your work colleagues… people you know through social media, such as Twitter and Facebook… can all be instrumental in forcing governments to sit up, take notice and change the law relating to drugs trials and full disclosure of information.

Last but not least, you’ll even be saving lives.

This is your chance to get your voice heard and to make a real difference to people’s lives.

I thank you in advance for taking the time to read and listen to the facts that we are presenting on our website, and for adding your name to The Campaign For Safer Medicine. You are one of the thousands of people across the world who are saying “Enough is enough.”

Best Wishes,

Rachael Linkie
Agora Health

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